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How to get the most out of the H2Online community

Responding to member feedback, we have created a video to showcase how you can get the most out of being a H2Online community member. You can view this here. 

Whether you are a new member wanting to learn how to use the community or want to refresh yourself on some of the community features, we hope you find this video helpful. 

If you do not wish to watch the whole video, then please use the time stamps below to navigate to the sections that are most relevant, or of interest to you. 

  • Community homepage - 00:21 
  • Member profile and points - 00:38
  • Commenting on a discussion - 01:29 
  • Starting a discussion - 02:23 
  • Voting on polls - 03:18 
  • Surveys - 03:57 
  • Notifications - 04:23 
  • Community guidelines and the info menu - 04:45 
  • “You said, We did” feedback - 05:23 
  • Profile settings - 05:51 
  • Badges and levels - 06:48 
  • Creating a shortcut to the community - 07:59 

We hope this resource is useful and if you have any feedback on how it could be improved then please contact the Explain moderators: